Trail Tales: Setting Records and Savoring Oreos on the Pacific Crest Trail's 63-Day Journey

"Beneath the Sonoran Sun: Jessica Pekari's Record-Breaking Pacific Crest Trail Odyssey"

Amidst the blazing heat of the Sonoran sun in Southern California, Jessica Pekari completed the final strides of an extraordinary journey, covering over 2,600 miles, spanning two months, and fueled by an abundance of Oreos on September 18. At 11:32 a.m., with only the nearby shrubs as silent witnesses, Pekari reached the southern terminus of the Pacific Crest Trail. Despite her mom, the designated pick-up person, being absent at the moment of triumph, Pekari, born in Toppenish, Yakima County, and raised in Wapato, experienced overwhelming joy at her destination, achieved ahead of schedule.

Reflecting on the moment months later, Pekari admitted to being an "emotional wreck," expressing gratitude for arriving at the destination by herself. The significance of the achievement, years in the making, left her momentarily speechless. She remarked, "It took me so many years to get to that point."

Pekari embarked on the trek 63 days, seven hours, and 31 minutes earlier, commencing on July 17 at the northern terminus of the trail on the Canada-Washington border. Setting a record in the female north-to-south self-supported category, she traversed the trail without external assistance, relying on supplies she had mailed to various points along the route.

The Pacific Crest Trail spans 2,653 miles, journeying from the U.S.-Canada border to the U.S.-Mexico border. Typically completed in four to six months, Pekari's feat stands out not just for its swiftness but for the independent spirit with which she approached the challenge.

Pekari's journey into endurance sports began during her service as an Army medic with the 82nd Airborne Division in Iraq. Inspired by her sister's overseas service and motivated by a desire to avoid student debt, Pekari joined the Army in 2006. Her interest in endurance activities grew, and upon returning to the U.S., she began running for health, eventually expanding into marathons while stationed in Germany with her husband.

Driven by curiosity and a penchant for pushing her limits, Pekari transitioned from 5Ks to ultramarathons over the years. The quest for greater challenges led her to the Triple Crown of 200s, a monumental undertaking that showcases her relentless pursuit of endurance feats.

Jessica Pekari's record-breaking achievement on the Pacific Crest Trail not only highlights her personal journey but also serves as an inspiration for those drawn to the allure of pushing physical and mental boundaries in pursuit of extraordinary accomplishments.

"The Triple Crown Pursuit: Jessica Pekari's Journey into the World of Extreme Distance Running"

Embarking on a quest that stretches the limits of human endurance, Jessica Pekari etched her name into the annals of extreme distance running by conquering the Triple Crown—comprising the Tahoe 200, Bigfoot 200, and Moab 240 races. This triumvirate of races, considered a pinnacle in the realm of extreme distance running, marked a transformative chapter in Pekari's athletic journey.

In 2018, Pekari, drawn to the allure of the trails, secured second place in the female category at the Bigfoot 200 in Washington and clinched the top spot for females at the Moab 240. These victories ignited a passion for the rigors of extreme distance running, leading her to declare, "I found that I really liked the long-distance stuff."

Years earlier, the Pacific Crest Trail lingered on the periphery of Pekari's awareness. However, after triumphs in Washington and Utah, the desire to conquer the longest trail possible became an undeniable calling. In 2020, with serendipitous alignment of circumstances—her husband stationed in Colorado and a window of time available—Pekari set her sights on the Pacific Crest Trail, a trail magnitudes longer than any she had tackled before.

Despite being forced to curtail her initial attempt at around 1,400 miles due to rampant forest fires in California, Pekari returned more determined than ever. The setback fueled her resolve, leading to a swifter and more resolute second attempt. Armed with a GPS-enabled watch and a location tracker, she meticulously charted her progress, aiming for 16-hour days and covering 20 to 40 miles on most days.

Having her name on the leaderboards of, a site dedicated to tracking records like hers, left Pekari in awe. The sense of pride derived from achieving what eluded her in 2020 was palpable. Every facet of the hike appealed to her—the physical and mental challenges, the pursuit of a competitive time—all driving forces that propelled her forward.

As Pekari traversed the diverse landscapes of the West Coast—valleys, prairies, mountain passes, and forests—she not only tested her limits but cultivated a profound respect for nature and herself. The journey became a transformative odyssey, and Pekari emerged not just as a record-setter but as someone who found empowerment and self-discovery with each step along the way.

"Beyond the Trail: Jessica Pekari's Reflections on Solitude, Struggles, and Moments of Beauty"

In the solitude of her arduous journey, Jessica Pekari navigated long, solitary days along the Pacific Crest Trail, a path seldom tread at her pace, especially during the night. Amid the rhythmic footfalls and the vast expanse of nature, Pekari found herself immersed in thoughts of her time in Iraq, her family, and the challenges of living with PTSD. The trail, she revealed, became a therapeutic space, providing the time and solitude needed to process and confront her own mental struggles.

As with life itself, the trail offered both beauty and hardship. In the rugged terrain of California, Pekari encountered Mission Creek, a 15-mile stretch battered by Hurricane Hilary just days before her arrival. The aftermath was a landscape marred by sheer cliffs, 50- to 60-foot drops, and treacherous mudslides. Undeterred, Pekari pressed on, hiking 42 miles over 23 hours, facing unexpected challenges yet forging ahead.

Despite the hurdles, Pekari made a conscious effort to savor the journey. In Washington, near her home county of Yakima, she encountered a defining view in the Goat Rocks wilderness after White Pass. The Knife's Edge awaited, a path across the mountain peaks where she found herself alone as the sun set. The landscape bathed in hues of reds, pinks, and purples, Pekari felt blessed to witness the beauty of the mountains in that perfect moment.

Though driven by the pursuit of a record, Pekari remained attuned to the trail's demands, pausing when necessary. Oregon presented a field of huckleberries stretching into the horizon, prompting her to stop and appreciate the bounty of nature.

Through the trials and triumphs, the Pacific Crest Trail became not just a physical challenge but a canvas for self-discovery, resilience, and moments of unparalleled beauty. Jessica Pekari's journey stands as a testament to the transformative power of the trail, offering solace, reflection, and a profound connection with the natural world.

"Sustenance, Oreos, and the Next Horizon: Jessica Pekari's Trail Epilogue"

Amidst the vastness of huckleberry fields stretching for miles in Oregon, Jessica Pekari, in the midst of her record-setting Pacific Crest Trail odyssey, chose to defy haste and indulge in a nostalgic act—picking huckleberries, a cherished childhood memory. Recognizing the significance of savoring such moments, she traded precious hiking time for the joy of reconnecting with a simple pleasure from her past.

For Pekari, sustenance was paramount during her rigorous hike. Unconventionally eschewing a camping stove to save weight and space, she prioritized the weight of food over the convenience of cooking. Glacially cold rehydrated biscuits and gravy became a staple, a testament to her discipline and ability to prioritize endurance over comfort. Yet, amidst the pragmatic choices, one indulgence remained non-negotiable—Oreos. Pekari confessed to her Oreo addiction, ensuring a sleeve of these beloved cookies almost every night, even reckoning with the aftermath of occasionally consuming two sleeves in a day.

With the Pacific Crest Trail now etched into her life's narrative, Pekari looks ahead to her next challenge—the Colorado Trail. Anticipating a 500-600-mile trek, she envisions taking on this endeavor next summer, weather permitting. Undeterred by the trials of her recent journey—scaling over 400,000 feet in elevation, traversing Washington, Oregon, and California on foot, and navigating the depths of solitude—Pekari remains resolute in her pursuit of new horizons.

As the southern terminus marked the culmination of her solo 63-day expedition, Pekari, of Blackfeet and Mexican descent, was met with a surprising juxtaposition—the looming presence of the U.S.-Mexico border wall, mere feet away from the trail's end. Expressing disappointment at its obstructive nature, she lamented the loss of what could have been a breathtaking view.

Acknowledging the pivotal role played by her family, friends, and tribe, Pekari, upon reaching the terminus, embraced the marker and discovered a small notebook, a shared testament to the journeys embarked upon. In this book, she left an indelible mark, inscribing her trail name, "Flys High Woman," the date of accomplishment, and a heartfelt message of gratitude to the creator, ancestors, family, and friends.

As Pekari's story resonates beyond the trails, her unwavering spirit and determination inspire others to embrace challenges, savor moments of joy, and find strength in the support of loved ones. The conclusion of one journey only marks the beginning of the next, and for Jessica Pekari, the Colorado Trail awaits, promising new landscapes, fresh challenges, and the enduring allure of the trail.

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