Chris Stoll: Seahawks Long Snapper Making a Name for All the Right Reasons

In the unassuming world of special teams, Chris Stoll, the Seahawks' rookie long snapper, prefers anonymity. His philosophy is simple: if people know his name, it likely means something went wrong. However, after a standout performance during Sunday's 29-26 victory over Washington, where kicker Jason Myers nailed a game-winning 43-yard field goal as time expired, Stoll found himself in the spotlight.

Both Coach Pete Carroll and Myers took the opportunity to give Stoll unsolicited praise in their post-game news conferences. Myers, named the NFC's special teams player of the week, emphasized the crucial role of Stoll and punter/holder Michael Dickson in his success. Stoll's flawless snaps contributed to Myers making all five field goals during the game, showcasing the often-overlooked precision required for such plays.

Myers shed light on the time-sensitive nature of their collaboration, emphasizing that from snap to kick, they have a mere 1.3 seconds. The intricate synchronization between Stoll, Dickson, and Myers becomes paramount in this brief window. Myers acknowledged the significance of their collective efforts, noting that in the rapid sequence of movements, precision is everything.

While the modern era might take high field-goal success rates for granted, Myers' acknowledgment of the meticulous practice reps and the flawless execution of the kicking battery underscores the hidden complexity of their roles. Stoll's unassuming yet critical role as the long snapper comes into focus as the linchpin of this seamless operation.

A native of Westerville, Ohio, Stoll brings his precision and dedication to the Seahawks' special teams unit, demonstrating that sometimes the most impactful players operate quietly in the background, their contributions only highlighted when perfection is achieved.

Chris Stoll's journey from hockey enthusiast to the Seattle Seahawks' rookie long snapper is a testament to unexpected opportunities and perseverance. Growing up in the shadow of the NHL's Blue Jackets, Stoll initially considered hockey his primary sport until high school. It was then that his father, Ken, presented him with a pivotal choice: continue the demanding journey of travel hockey or explore football. Opting for the latter, Stoll seized the chance to try long snapping during his sophomore year, impressing his coach and setting the stage for a college future in the sport.

Attending the Rubio Long Snapping Camp in Las Vegas elevated Stoll's aspirations, leading to an invited walk-on spot at Penn State after a camp at the university. Despite his initial hopes of playing for Ohio State, Stoll's journey took a different turn. Eventually earning a scholarship at Penn State and claiming the Patrick Mannelly Award as the nation's top long snapper during his senior year, Stoll also pursued academic excellence, earning a degree in kinesiology with another in health policy and administration on the horizon.

With dreams of working at the administrative level in a hospital, Stoll decided to explore the NFL before embarking on his career path. Aware that long snappers rarely get drafted, he watched the draft with tempered expectations. However, a call from his agent during the seventh round presented a promising opportunity with the Seattle Seahawks.

As Seattle aimed to rejuvenate its special teams unit, Stoll emerged as the sole long snapper on the roster at the start of training camp. The decision not to sign older free agents Ott and Tinker reflected the team's confidence in the 25-year-old Stoll, providing him with invaluable reps to forge the necessary chemistry with kicker Jason Myers and punter/holder Michael Dickson.

Chris Stoll's unexpected journey from hockey-loving youth to an integral role in the NFL exemplifies the unpredictable pathways that dedication, talent, and the right opportunities can create.

In the world of special teams, Chris Stoll has become a silent force for the Seattle Seahawks, earning the trust and recognition of his coaches and teammates. Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll and general manager Johnny Schneider expressed their confidence in Stoll, emphasizing his consistency, accountability, and the conviction that he could excel in his role as the long snapper.

Known for his quiet demeanor and commitment to his responsibilities, Stoll has earned praise from special teams captain Nick Bellore, who commends his ability to stay focused and contribute effectively, especially for a rookie in the challenging position of long snapper.

This quiet determination paved the way for a pivotal moment on a Sunday game against Washington. With just 3 seconds left on the clock and the game tied at 26-26, Stoll and the kicking unit hurried onto the field for a 43-yard attempt by kicker Jason Myers. As Washington attempted to ice the kicker with a timeout, Stoll seized the opportunity for a practice snap, a routine he maintained even in the face of a potential game-winner.

When the actual play unfolded, it went off without a hitch, securing the victory for the Seahawks. Stoll, typically understated, described the experience as "pretty cool." Post-game, he received congratulatory messages from family and friends, with Coach Carroll and teammates expressing their admiration. As Myers received the special teams player of the week award, Stoll allowed himself to appreciate the recognition, particularly from his teammates.

In his own words, Stoll values recognition from his teammates above all else, reflecting a humble and team-oriented approach that has endeared him to the Seahawks. In a world where actions often speak louder than words, Chris Stoll's quiet dedication has carved out a meaningful place for him in the heart of the Seahawks' special teams unit.

In conclusion, Chris Stoll's journey from an unassuming rookie to a vital player in the Seattle Seahawks' special teams is marked by humility, consistency, and unwavering dedication. His silent yet impactful contributions as the team's long snapper have earned him the respect and trust of coaches, teammates, and even garnered praise from Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll. The pivotal moment during the game against Washington, where Stoll played a crucial role in the game-winning field goal, highlighted his poise under pressure and the seamless execution of his responsibilities.

Stoll's demeanor, characterized by keeping his head down and focusing on his job, has resonated well within the team, especially among special teams captain Nick Bellore. The recognition he received, both from his peers and coach Carroll, adds a layer of significance to his journey. As Stoll modestly acknowledges the congratulations and embraces a moment of being known for his contribution, his emphasis on valuing recognition from teammates encapsulates his team-first mentality.

In a league often dominated by headlines and star players, Chris Stoll's understated yet essential role serves as a reminder of the unspoken heroes who contribute quietly but significantly to a team's success. As the Seahawks move forward, Stoll's consistency and dedication will undoubtedly continue to be a stabilizing force in the often-overlooked world of special teams.