Carroll's Take: Geno Smith's Accountability Applauded, Seahawks Gear Up to Offer Support

"Carroll Stands by Smith: Seahawks Coach Emphasizes Collective Responsibility Amidst Offensive Struggles

A day after the Seattle Seahawks' challenging 37-3 loss to the Baltimore Ravens, head coach Pete Carroll maintained his perspective on Geno Smith's role in the outcome. Echoing his immediate post-game sentiments, Carroll emphasized that the defeat wasn't solely on Smith's shoulders but a collective responsibility shared by the entire team.

Despite the game being out of reach by the final few series, Carroll made the deliberate choice to keep Smith in the game, opting not to substitute Drew Lock. Carroll's intent was clear—to demonstrate the team's ability to move the ball and make progress, even in the face of adversity.

Smith faced challenges during the game, contributing both an interception and a lost fumble in the second quarter. However, Carroll highlighted that the interception was a result of miscommunication, and the fumble occurred under pressure as Smith tried to make a throw. Carroll stressed that while Smith's stats may take a hit, the team collectively faced difficulties on the offensive front.

In his assessment of Smith's performance, Carroll acknowledged the need for the quarterback to avoid pressing too hard or overcompensating. He expressed a desire to support Smith in not attempting to go above and beyond to make plays that might not be there. Carroll acknowledged Smith's consistent accountability, describing it as admirable, but reiterated that the entire team shares the responsibility.

As Smith reflects on the game and takes accountability for his role, Carroll emphasizes the collective effort required to overcome challenges. In Carroll's words, 'We've got to help him, make sure we're doing our part.'"

"Seahawks' O-Line Shuffle and Tackling Woes: Carroll Addresses Rotations and Defensive Lapses

Following the Seahawks' use of a rotation between Stone Forsythe and Jason Peters at right tackle, a strategy previously deployed in their victory against Cleveland, the results were met with mixed reviews against the Ravens. Pro Football Focus reported 17 hurries in 35 drop-backs, with Forsythe leading the team with five and Peters conceding two. While Head Coach Pete Carroll deemed the rotation 'OK' and expressed the ongoing effort to distribute playing time, the effectiveness remains a work in progress.

The rotation may persist for one more week, as Peters can be elevated from the practice squad once more before a permanent roster spot is required. However, optimism surrounds the potential return of Abe Lucas, who has been sidelined since the season opener with a knee injury. Carroll indicated that Lucas is expected back at practice next week, offering hope for a full recovery and a return to the starting lineup, potentially as early as the game against the Rams on Nov. 19.

Injuries have plagued the Seahawks' offensive line, forcing seven different alignments in eight games. Carroll acknowledged the impact, stating, "Guys are still working together and still developing." The potential return of Lucas could mark a pivotal moment, allowing the team to field its original starting lineup since the first game against the Rams.

On the defensive side, tackling issues emerged prominently in the loss to the Ravens, with 23 missed tackles according to Pro Football Focus. This significant uptick from an average of eight in the previous seven games raised concerns. Carroll highlighted the team's sloppiness in tackling as the game progressed, emphasizing the need for discipline and technique in tackling.

As the Seahawks navigate challenges on both sides of the ball, the upcoming weeks promise to be critical in reshaping the team's dynamics and fortifying key positions."

"In conclusion, the Seahawks find themselves at a pivotal juncture, grappling with challenges on both the offensive line and defensive side. The experimentation with a tackle rotation and the potential return of Abe Lucas signify ongoing efforts to stabilize the offensive line, aiming for a cohesive unit as injuries have necessitated multiple lineups in the early season.

The defensive struggles, particularly in tackling, emerged prominently in the recent loss to the Ravens, with 23 missed tackles signaling an area that demands immediate attention. Pete Carroll acknowledged the team's sloppiness in tackling and emphasized the need for disciplined technique.

As the Seahawks work through these challenges, the next few weeks will be critical in determining the trajectory of the team. The potential return of key players and a concerted effort to address tackling issues underscore the ongoing commitment to improvement. The resilience and adaptability of the team will be put to the test, with the hope that stability on the offensive line and defensive discipline will contribute to a more consistent and successful performance on the field."