Michigan reports to the Big Ten that other schools shared its signals

Michigan appears to have been caught with its hand in the cookie jar, stealing the sign. One way to deflect accusations might be to shout, "Hey, look over there!"

According to ESPN.com, Michigan believes that three other schools shared signals with the Wolverines during the 2022 season. Michigan has reportedly sent documents to the Big Ten, presumably to substantiate this claim.

Michigan, coached by former 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh, alleges that the state of Ohio was sending offensive signals to Michigan, while Rutgers was sending Michigan's defensive signals to Purdue ahead of last year's Big Ten Championship game.

Currently, it is unclear, according to ESPN, whether sharing signals with conference opponents violates the Big Ten's sportsmanship policy or any NCAA rules. Michigan is currently under investigation for violating NCAA policy regarding recruiting, a measure that was implemented back in 1994. Other member schools want the Big Ten to take action against Michigan as soon as possible.

According to ESPN.com, the Big Ten's sportsmanship policy states that the conference "expects all competitions involving a member institution to be conducted without compromise to any fundamental elements of sportsmanship. These fundamental elements include honesty of competition, civility toward all and respect, particularly toward opponents and officials." This is quite broad and vague.

Michigan appears to be trying to employ the "whataboutism" tactic commonly used in politics – deflecting criticism by pointing out others who should also be criticized. Given the ambiguous nature of the Big Ten's sportsmanship policy, it may work.